Ryukyu moromi
Ryukyu moromi

Rice koji (produced in Japan), granulated sugar, brown sugar

Bancha flat
Bancha flat

Derived from the second harvest of the tea plant, Bancha is renowned for its unique character and subtle nuances. Our expertly curated tea leaves have been carefully selected to ensure only the finest quality is delivered to your cup.


Irresistible Crunch: Each bite of CrunchFusion promises an unparalleled crunch that's incredibly satisfying. Say goodbye to bland and boring snacks

Dried Bonito
Dried Bonito

Introducing our delectable Dried Bonito Tuma Flakes, a true delicacy for all food enthusiasts! Sourced from the pristine waters of the ocean, these exquisite flakes are carefully prepared to offer you an authentic taste of Japan's culinary heritage.

Wholesale Snacks, Ramen Noodles, and Fresh Frozen Seafood Supplier

NOPAT is your trusted supplier for high-quality wholesale snacks, authentic ramen noodles, and premium fresh frozen seafood. As a leading snacks supplier, NOPAT is dedicated to providing businesses with various delicious and top-notch products that cater to diverse culinary needs.

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NOPAT takes pride in being a reliable wholesale snacks supplier, offering a wide array of snacks to satisfy every palate. Our curated selection includes an assortment of tasty and popular snacks that are perfect for retail, vending, or inclusion in gift baskets. Partner with NOPAT to ensure your customers have access to the finest wholesale snacks in the market.

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Experience the authentic taste of traditional ramen with NOPAT, your go-to ramen noodles supplier. Our ramen noodles are crafted with precision to deliver the perfect texture and flavor that customers crave. Whether you're running a restaurant, convenience store, or specialty food establishment, NOPAT provides the highest quality ramen noodles to meet your business demands.

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NOPAT is your dedicated source for premium fresh frozen seafood. As a trusted supplier, we understand the significance of quality when it comes to seafood. Our selection includes a variety of responsibly sourced and expertly frozen seafood options. From succulent shrimp to flaky fish fillets, NOPAT ensures that your customers enjoy the finest and freshest seafood available.

Why Consider NOPAT?

• Quality Assurance:

NOPAT is committed to delivering products of the highest quality. Our snacks, ramen noodles, and fresh frozen seafood undergo strict quality checks to meet industry standards.

• Wide Variety:

Check out our diverse range of products to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Reliable Supply Chain:

We understand the importance of timely deliveries. NOPAT maintains a reliable supply chain to ensure that you receive your wholesale snacks, ramen noodles, and fresh frozen seafood promptly.

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Explore NOPAT's comprehensive range of wholesale snacks, ramen noodles, and fresh frozen seafood. Elevate your business offerings and provide your customers with exceptional choices. Partner with NOPAT for a successful and rewarding business experience.

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